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A Rough Guide To Washington

The Historic City of Washington - Travelers from around the world love to visit Washington, DC. It's the seat of the US government and has numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy. Several airlines provide flights to Washington from other destinations throughout the world.

So Much To See In Washington - Most visitors to Washington want to see the major sites like the Capitol, The White House, The Smithsonian Institute and National Archives. Visitors should check in advance for admission tickets. It may be less expensive to purchase them online in advance of the visit. As with most government facilities, only certain areas of these sites are open for public viewing. Most of the exhibits and displays in the Smithsonian are readily available for viewing by visitors. The Smithsonian is a place that could take a full day to really enjoy all it offers. Everything from exhibits of the Revolutionary War, mannequins of the US First Ladies and some of the most incredible displays of US inventors. And, that's just the tip of the Smithsonian iceberg.

Popular Sites Of Interest - To really enjoy a visit to Washington, travelers should plan to stay at least a week in order to really appreciate all of Washington's sites. On one day, a visitor may want to see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and just across the Potomac River, the former ante bellum home of the third US president, Thomas Jefferson. That's a fairly energetic undertaking for a single day. For some visitors, it may require two days since there are a number of other memorials to be seen as well.

Few visitors want to miss the tour of the FBI Building. This is where some of the most interesting criminal cases in history can be found and where an enactment of the capture of a criminal by FBI agents can be viewed. Not far from the FBI building is the US Mint. If ever there is an awesome sight to behold, it's walking along the enclosed transom and viewing all of the pages and pages of currency being processed.

Washington By Night - Just because you can visit the memorials by day, doesn't mean you'll want to miss the sight of the majestic buildings and sculptures at night. It's a picturesque scene that lives in memory forever. There's so much to do in Washington at night. All of the best hotels are located in this amazing city. Even the Watergate of Nixon era fame. The hotels offer a full compliment of entertainment and some of the best cuisine in the region. Washington restaurants pride themselves on staffing their kitchens with top name chefs. There are plenty of activities at the DC Armory and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

There are many Cheap flights to Washington from many destinations and deal can be found online. However, rates for a direct flight from the US west coast to Washington may be slightly higher.

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