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Mt. Adams Fishing Flowers
Grist Mill Potatoes Mt. St. Helens
Fun, Interesting, & Educational Web Sites with Quizzes
The Importance of Wild Salmon
Description: Throughout this site you will learn about the life cycle of the wild salmon, the modern challenges they face, and how you can help save them from becoming extinct.
Quiz: The Salmon Challenge - After you think you know everything there is to know about salmon, test your knowledge with this exciting and challenging quiz!
Preventing Fires in Your Forest Home
Description: The purpose of this page is to teach you how to prevent forest fires from starting in your forest home. It is written mainly for kids, but it has a lot of things for adults to learn, too.
Quiz: The Home Fire Prevention Quiz - After you have learned how to prevent fires from starting in your forest home, test yourself with this quiz.
Our Changing State
Description: This page teaches about the natural resources of Washington State - what they are, what we use them for, and how we can help preserve them.
Quiz: The Natural Resource Quiz - After you have learned all about Washington's natural resources, test your new knowledge with this quiz.

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