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Fishing in Washington State

Fly Fishing
Trout & Kokanee Fishing

Fishing opportunities for visitor and resident anglers of Washington State include fly fishing for trout in pristine mountain streams and lakes. For more information and photos about trout and kokanee fishing in Washington, go to the Trout & Kokanee fishing page.

Salmon & Steelhead
River Fishing

Some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing in the world occurs in the many rivers. For more information and photos about Salmon and Steelhead fishing in Washington rivers, go to the Salmon & Steelhead River Fishing page.

Fishing the Mighty Columbia

The mighty Columbia flows for hundreds of miles through Washington State. Salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, shad, smelt, and trout are just a few of the species caught in the Columbia. For more information and photos about fishing the Mighty Columbia go to the Fishing the Mighty Columbia page.

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Warm Water Fishing

Warm water species such as bass, crappie, and blue gill are available in many locations throughout the state. For more information and photos about Warm Water Fishing in Washington, go to the Warm Water Fishing page.

Washington Ocean Fishing

Washington boasts hundreds of miles of Pacific Ocean shoreline. Sea Perch and other species of fish can be caught in the surf. Fishing from the rocks and jetties produces Ling Cod and other bottom fish too numerous to mention. They are all excellent table fare. Off shore fishing for Salmon and Halibut keeps the anglers happy in season. For more information and pictures of Washington Ocean Fishing go to the Washington Ocean Fishing page

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